Copyright and Creative Commons

For the next task on the Teaching in a Digital Age course, I searched for contents licensed under Creative Commons. Using the Creative Commons search, I typed ‘John Nash’ under YouTube.


The outcome of the search is displayed here.


Some of the videos could be used for a lecture or tutorial on game theory. But I particularly like this one created by DoCumentary15:

My personal view is that making some contents usable to the wider public with minimal hassle is a good move. It balances the need to maintain the incentives to innovate (via protection of Intellectual Property) against the need to provide a greater access to materials that can bring more benefits to the well-being of society. However (if my understanding is correct), the effectiveness of ‘liberalising’ content seems limited, if the content that can be used easily are usually the lower-end type of content. The creator still retains the right to restrict the more lucrative parts of content from public view. But that’s better than nothing.

The issue of respecting copyright is a major challenge in the Far East, where intellectual property is frequently violated at the time of writing. While I do not have the statistics, I tend to get a wee bit skeptical about the success of this movement particularly in Southeast Asia.